The Curatorial Thing

Under the concept of a ‘thing’, an old Nordic concept for a meeting place, an assembly of the community, or what can be defined as the precursor of the modern term 'parliament', SixtyEight Art Institute annually invites a range of Nordic-based and international speakers to address the various potentials of exhibition-making. The talks include reflections on aesthetic and political potentials in art, the exhibition as a social, affective or discursive situation, new pedagogical possibilities in artistic practices, and how this plays out between artistic and curatorial methodologies.

This extended learning and speakers program consists of two strands: one, an intensive series of closed day workshops and a full event program for a select number of participants; and two, an evening program of lectures that are open to the general public.

SixtyEight Art Institute invites some of the most interesting voices from local contexts and beyond. The speakers share research and perspectives in an informal structure of ‘lectures’ followed by moderated peer conversations with the audience. The aim of the conversations is to reflect upon how the 'curatorial' continues to be collaborative, artistic, co-creative, critical, and experimental within the ever-expanding parameters of cultural production. Both in the workshops and in the speaker series, SixtyEight Art Institute hopes to articulate fundamental questions about autonomy, authorship, dissemination, editing, criticality, discourse, and the writing of art history.

The speakers and conversations in the program reflect how education, collaboration or shared information can stimulate the next generation of artists and curators to form new, innovative and progressive curatorial or artistic propositions.

The Curatorial Thing 2022

Audacious Landscapes

The Curatorial Thing 2020

The Curator is the Weather

The Curatorial Thing 2019

Communities of Practice in Precarious Times

The Curatorial Thing 2018

Art Production in the New Creative Economy

The Curatorial Thing 2017