SixtyEight Art Institute is a non-profit, independent organisation for contemporary art, located in central Copenhagen. Our exhibitions, events and public programmes represent Nordic, European, and International artists and curators, and endeavour to develop a vision for an open ‘Danish international’ framework, from where artistic and curatorial projects can address international debates and discourses given in art and culture, from the perspective of our base in Copenhagen.

SixtyEight Art Institute is an intimate space, both in terms of the way audiences meet with art and the ideas it generates, and in the way the Institute works closely with partners and focuses on co-productions. The Institute supports cross-regional and cross-institutional models for knowledge and resource-sharing and cultural production, in order to help advance the role of the arts and their intersection with science, technology, literature, and philosophy.

As a non-profit arts organisation, SixtyEight Art Institute is also a non-partisan group that supports the free speech of artists and curators and their research projects.


SixtyEight Art Institute evolved from a small art space established in 2011 (called 68 Square Meters Art Space) in a disused paint factory from the 1940s, which had been given to cultural projects and small creative businesses for a number of years. We created our initial exhibition space inside of an old laboratory within the existing industrial structure, which was part of a dynamic group of artists, musicians, designers, event organisers, and urban gardeners. Together, we brought a new set of possibilities and cultural activities to the area. We were at the same time part of a movement of independent exhibition spaces and commercial galleries that emerged to the East Amager quarter of Copenhagen, and took the opportunity to initiate and further organise a coordination of the galleries and cultural activities in the neighbourhood through a concept called First Fridays.

In 2015, due to a series of creative demands by the various artists we were working with nationally and internationally, we re-organized as a professional space and launched the Institute, focused on knowledge-intensive exhibitions and publications shaped by artistic and curatorial research. In 2017, to meet the publication goals and distribution of artistic and curatorial research being produced at SixtyEight, we launched Really Simple Syndication Press (RSS Press), which serves as our editorial group and publications arm. The press is responsible for printing and distributing our publications; commissioning new titles; and discovering future talent through its network of publication projects. In addition, our press has been in charge of developing the new field of Editorial Research and hopes to expand into future collaborations with art and science academies to support future researchers who would like to shape into a practice-based metier. In this last sense, Editorial Research is seen by our organisation a productive counterpart and collaborator to PhD led artistic and curatorial research.

In 2017, we created a project to consolidate all of our conference, workshop, pedagogical, and network activities into a curatorial intensive programme, which we have offered since, called The Curatorial Thing. Here, each autumn, young and professional artists, curators, and academics meet for approximately 10 days and attend lectures/workshops with leading cultural, scientific, and artistic professionals invited by SixtyEight Art Institute.

In October 2018, SixtyEight Art Institute was awarded BKF-Prisen, the Danish Union of Artists’ prize for best independent space of the year. The motivation for the award included that SixtyEight’s “ambition and international focus are unparalleled in Denmark, even among the state-funded institutions”. At the end of 2019 SixtyEight received a prize from the Danish Arts Foundation “towards continued work”, the Foundation stating that “SixtyEight has filled a hole in the market, and it is difficult to see how we could do without the institute”.


SixtyEight Art Institute collaborate with Rønnebæksholm, a regional kunsthalle in Næstved, Denmark, regarding its residency programme.

As part of our aim to rethink how we do programming in all its facets, we have for the Memoirs of Saturn programme entered into partnerships with Oinofilia (lit: love of wine), a local importer of Greek natural wines from smaller to medium-sized wineries, all of which have a green (organic or biodynamic) philosophy, unique terroir, grape specialization, history and tradition in common, and People Like Us, a Danish brewing company run by people from socially under-represented groups. Oinofilia and People Like Us will be providing carefully selected wines and beers at all our opening and events for the duration of this exhibition programme.


Our current exhibition programme, Memoirs of Saturn, seeks to investigate how we can re-imagine the term 'prosperity' as a common value, which we have the chance to develop through art, in and with nature, and has received generous support from the Danish Arts Foundation, Det Obelske Familiefond, and Beckett-Fonden.

SixtyEight Art Institute's previous two-year exhibition programme, Modes and Notes on the Local, received support from the Danish Arts Foundation and Københavns Kommunes Råd for Visuel Kunst.


The Curatorial Thing received support from Nordic Culture Point


SixtyEight's first two-year exhibition programme, A Dictionary of Advanced Difference, received support from the Danish Arts Foundation and Bikubenfonden


Christopher Sand-Iversen
Director, SixtyEight Art Institute
Co-Editor, Really Simple Sydication

Hugo Hopping
Head of Board of Advisors, SixtyEight Art Institute
Co-Editor, Really Simple Syndication

Inanna Riccardi
Education Coordinator and Curator, SixtyEight Art Institute

Rebekka Elisabeth Anker-Møller
Curator, SixtyEight Art Institute

Heidi Hart, PhD
Art and Humanities Research Fellow, SixtyEight Art Institute

Lise Grüner Bertelsen
Assistant Editor, Really Simple Syndication

Belén Pérez Campos
Visual Communication and Graphic Design