Three Studies for the Human Body / MASS HYSTERIA

Nanna Lysholt Hansen, and Ida-Elisabeth Larsen & Marie-Louise Stentebjerg

6 April 2012

68m2 launches First Fridays – Late night openings at Amager.

68m2 Art Space is proud to present: Ida-Elisabeth Larsen & Marie-Louise Stentebjerg and Nanna Lysholt Hansen.

@ 18.00: Nanna Lysholt Hansen.

Three Studies for the Human body is a video triptych. It is a study of the body and the potential of movement and stillness in relation to the space and time between the body and the recording camera: the gaze on the body over time. With several references to art history the work touches upon notions of the torment of the female body, hysteria, artist-model roles and subject-object related issues. Just like the body can never escape its shadow it cannot escape history. The video triptych is presented as an endless loop and the installation continuously varies between states of stillness and movement, calmness and tension.

@ 20.00: Ida-Elisabeth Larsen & Marie-Louise Stentebjerg.

MASS HYSTERIA is a plastic reproduktion. A crying choir over Kim Jong Il’s death. A orgasme factory and a bark. MASS HYSTERIA is a symptom. A unison movement. A mode of multiplication and mass production.

Curated by Iben Bach Elmstrøm