On Capacete and the Research-based Residency

Camilla Rocha Campos in conversation with Joen Vedel

21 February 2019

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Joen Vedel and Camilla Rocha Campos

SixtyEight Art Institute welcomed the Brazilian artist, teacher, activist, and artistic director of the Capacete Residency Programme in Rio de Janeiro, Camilla Rocha Campos. Artistic research and residencies allow for new combinations of creativity and time, so their format and programmes are of vital importance to emerging research-based art practices. For the last 20 years, Capacete has been providing long-term residencies that offer artists time for new experience, engagement and immersion. As artistic director of the Capacete Residency Programme, Camilla Rocha Campos introduced the ideas behind the residency. In conversation with artist and former resident Joen Vedel, she discussed how artists can use a more research based residency like Capacete to develop their practices.

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