The Work of Living Labour: KANA Events

During the exhibition The Work of Living Labour, reWork invited a number of guests, including KANA, to hold a series of events

Event series: 11 - 13 July 2019

In response to the themes curated by reWork, Japan-based architecture collective, KANA, has organised an event series titled The Work of Living Transformation — introducing an alternative way of thinking and working in the field of architecture.

The term ‘Living Transformation’ refers to KANA’s working method of finding, inhabiting and activating disused architecture/elements while redesigning and transforming them — including both the social and practical aspects of such a process. The team is currently based in SANO, Japan, a city struggling to survive under the pressures of capitalism, globalism and demographic change. The increasing number of akiya (abandoned houses) in the city have become a resource for their work.

‘We understand Sano with its many abandoned objects as a landscape, a forest. To save it means to take out every second tree for the other trees to grow better.’ KANA

Event series:
11 July at 18.00-21.00: Presentation by KANA (18.00) and drinks
12 July at 18.00-21.00: Talk between reWork, KANA and municipality representative Akiyama-San
13 July at 10.00-12.00: Japanese breakfast

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Presentation by Sano municipality representative Akiyama-San
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Presentation by Kato of the KANA collective
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Comments from the audience
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