Above the Sky, Beneath the Ground
Curated by Rebekka Elisabeth Anker-Møller
1 October - 27 November 2021

The third installment of the programme Memoirs of Saturn was the exhibition and research project Above the Sky, Beneath the Ground curated by Rebekka Elisabeth Anker-Møller. This exhibition project unfolded into two exhibition parts: Biting the Nest, a group exhibition with Anna Samsøe, Anne Guro Larsmon, Linnéa Gad; followed by The Zombie Function, a solo exhibition by Iris Smeds. Together, the two parts of this exhibition project aimed to reflect a contemporary and multi-layered curatorial research into the artistic meeting points and ideas around New Materialism, posthumanism, animism, and deep ecology in art. In additon, the two exhibition parts were accompanied by a programme of events, both physical and online, and a one-day symposium, entitled One Creation, Many Realms.

Biting the Nest

1 - 23 October 2021


The Zombie Function

29 October - 27 November 2021


Public Programme


Symposion: One Creation, Many Realms

Saturday 13 November


The project Above the Sky, Beneath the Ground gained additional funding from Knud Højgaards Fonden, William Demant Fonden and Rådet for Visuel Kunst – Københavns Kommune. In addition, a special thank you to Maria Bonnier Dahlin Foundation in Stockholm, The Norwegian Embassy in Copenhagen, Thorvaldsens Museum and Faxe Kalkbrud for their support.